If you are thinking of moving to Calgary, it’s crucial to have a temporary accommodation on hand for the first few weeks. There are plenty of hotels depending on your budget. But a furnished apartment offers more space with a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms compared to a hotel room and at much lower price than hotels.

Calgary is one of the cleanest, healthiest and safest cities in the world. So finding furnished apartments for short-term rental is a better alternative.

Calgary is the oil and gas capital of Canada. Calgary is segregated into four quadrants. Like every city, the downtown neighborhood tends to cost more than accommodation on the outskirts. Keep this in mind when you research Calgary for furnished apartments.

Another point that you ought to keep in mind while locating the ideal furnished apartment in Calgary is your age and lifestyle. If you have a small family with children, furnished apartments also welcome families.
If you prefer an urban life you can certainly choose a furnished rental apartment for short-term lease in the downtown core of Calgary.

The southwest quadrant of Calgary is the best place to live in, and downtown Calgary is southwest. So, for very obvious reasons the furnished apartments in this area of Calgary cost more.

Sunbeam Suites offer the best executive and furnished apartment rentals in Calgary at affordable prices compared to a hotel.

A company like Sunbeam Suites make your search for a furnished apartment in Calgary, much easier. It is better to go to such reputed companies in Calgary for furnished, rental apartments, as they are experienced in dealing with the newcomers in the country as well as those who are there for short visits.

Avoid being lured and duped by some of the bogus companies offering furnished rentals in Calgary. Make sure to do some thorough checking.

Do enjoy your stay in Calgary.