Not everyone can afford a house and even if someone does have a permanent address, there are times when one might have to look for temporary accommodation while they are traveling for work or leisure. If it is an extended stay, then renting a hotel becomes a far more expensive business in the long run, with the food, stay and the taxes on the bill.

It is a lot more prudent idea to opt for short term rentals at Calgary and one might look for them by going through the local listings. Suntree Place and Sunalta House are great places to rent in Calgary and being situated in the prime location of downtown Calgary, these apartment buildings have spacious suites that will be serving you as your home away from home for the entire duration of the stay.

Calgary is well populated town and people come and go all the time, which means a lot of owners let out their homes to tourists, youngsters with tourist visas or professionals who might be staying for a couple of months for the duration of a project they might have. These homes are listed with the local real estate agents and they are advertised in the local rental websites and publications. By going through them, one can find a suitable Calgary furnished apartment which already comes equipped with most of the basic items that one could ever need for the duration of the stay. Beds, wardrobes, kitchen appliances and seating arrangements in the drawing room mostly come with them. Even TV, coffee tables and cutlery and provided.

Calgary short term rentals are mostly charged by the week, and there is a usually an advance deposit to the paid, but other than that, the paperwork is not very rigorous and one can move in quickly. As a town, Calgary has all the necessary amenities and anything one might require for their new home is available from the local supermarket. When it comes to short term rentals, one can rent the premises for a couple of days to a couple of months and that is how the papers are drawn up and the rent is fixed. For longer stays, the person renting the house or the apartment might also have to pay separately for the electricity and other maintenance. For regular durations, they are mostly included in the rent though customized arrangements can be made if necessary.